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    Actionable and intelligent recommendations in context and in the moment. Content, coaching and knowledge.

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The Veelo® Platform

The only platform focused on the human side of sales performance

Veelo predictively recommends marketing content, virtual coaching and actionable steps in context – to help your sellers win more customers.

Veelo guides you on what to know


Sales people have too much to know and the competitive landscape changes fast. Roll out new product information quickly, ramp new hires, and support your sellers with real-time knowledge to perform at their best.

Veelo guides sellers on what to say


Asking good questions, differentiating and selling value are where reps struggle with most. Using Veelo templates, quickly add tips, record actionable examples and coaching plays to help your reps stay on message and have better selling conversations.

Veelo guides sellers on what to do


Sales reps shouldn’t have to waste time looking for content. With Veelo, content finds your sales reps specific to the prospect, industry, sales stage and more– helping them better engage prospects and speed up sales.

The Veelo Products

Guided Selling®

Drive Sales Effectiveness with Veelo Guided Selling®

Guide your sellers with intelligent, actionable recommendations of content and coaching.  In the moment and tailored to the sales opportunity.


Veelo KnowledgeBoost™

 Ramp new hires faster and support better sales performance with tools to develop and deliver coaching in ways proven by science to be the most effective.

Share & Present

Veelo Share & Present

Present from any device and dramatically increase customer engagement. Share content with just two clicks and see what sellers and customers use most.

Our Customers



See how ESI achieved 4:1 ROI and recovered over 10% of product marketing hours with Veelo.



See how Skyward, Inc. increased win rates by 9% and shortened sales cycles by 12%.

Gazelles International

Gazelles International

Find out how Gazelles cut onboarding costs by 25% and shortened onboarding time by 20%.

Why Choose Veelo?


Sales Rep: More time selling. Content recommendations. Prospect content usage visibility.

Sales Management: Augment coaching with virtual coaching. Visibility into sales rep competency.

Marketing: Increase content effectiveness. Track content ROI.

How We’re Different

Easy to Use: Designed with the seller in mind. Two-click access to content.

Predictive Recommendations: Intelligent, actionable content and coaching recommendations.

Rooted in Learning Science: Designed to increase knowledge and reinforce desired sales behavior.

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