Case Study: ESI

Sales Enablement: Right content, Right Place, Right Time


  • Improved sales productivity and effectiveness.
  • Streamlined product launch process.
  • Achieved a 4:1 return on investment within the first year.

“Veelo empowers our sales force to have more successful sales conversations and close sales faster by delivering the exact information they need, right when they need it.”

James Latham
Chief Marketing Officer

The Challenge

Prior to Veelo, sales support at ESI was inconsistent. No standards existed for content support or milestone communication. Product launches were ad hoc and conducted by in-person visits to Asia. In addition, sellers needed to consult five different content repositories and an estimated 20 different people to get support. Over 22% of product management time was spent responding to repetitive product information requests.

To further complicate their content distribution, selling teams across different global regions needed timely information in the fast time-to-market of the semiconductor industry, but ESI struggled with providing the information while ensuring proprietary information wasn’t accidentally shared.

The Results

Within the first month of the global launch, 67% of the direct sales team was using Veelo. Usage exceeded 84% by month three. Veelo significantly improved ESI team communication and timeliness of support to sales reps in the field. A trusted central repository improved rep confidence and boosted productivity across all regions.

ESI also saw significant improvements in product marketing productivity: after implementing Veelo, product marketers recovered over 10% of their time simply from the drop-off in repetitive product information requests. Veelo also allowed ESI to disseminate customer content to the channel teams—such as sales sheets, configuration guides, and application videos—while still maintaining tight distribution control over sensitive internal content such as pricing.

Best of all, Veelo rating and feedback reports have helped ESI sales and marketing to align training and sales enablement on priorities based on real field data.

ESI drives its sales enablement efforts with Veelo.