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Effective onboarding is the top priority for B2B sales enablement. How are you stepping up to the challenge?

Onboard Smarter, Not Harder

Poor onboarding leads to long ramp times and high turnover which results in greater sales overhead costs and sub-optimal return on new hires. On the flip side, proper onboarding can improve win rates by 15% (CSO Insights).  

Veelo’s sales onboarding software helps sales organizations create structured onboarding programs that are rooted in brain science principles and designed to accelerate sales performance.

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Structured Learning Paths

Create role-based, structured learning paths that are rooted in brain science to better streamline your training programs.

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Add & Author Engaging Content

Add videos, audio tracks, slide decks and other content. Combine with interactive elements and memory boosters for dynamic, experiential learning.

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Assess Knowledge & Program Performance

Use knowledge checks & quizzes to improve knowledge retention and assess competency. Measure program performance to determine what’s working to reduce ramp time.

Onboard Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t waste your investment in top sales talent with one-and-done onboarding programs. This 15-page guide delivers high-octane onboarding best practices to maximize sales rep performance.

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Onboard, Develop & Coach

With Veelo, organizations of any size will benefit from progressive training–from onboarding, upskill and reinforcement, to contextual coaching at each stage of the sales cycle. Prepare your reps with the content & coaching they need to win more.

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