Ramp Hires Faster. Reinforce Knowledge.
Ready Them for Their Best.

Cut Ramp Time in Half

Create automated, structured, personalized learning paths and improve learning outcomes.

Veelo’s unique brain science approach accelerates skill adoption and retention through short bursts, video practice and memory reinforcement.  Ramp new hires up to 25% faster!

Easily scale programs with templates, automation and tracking of teams knowledge and skill gaps for continuous improvement.

onboarding with video coaching
veelo vault components

Get Productivity from Day
One with Veelo Vault®

Quickly scale and augment your
enablement programs — from
onboarding to coaching to product
marketing. See best practices and
get ready-to-use templates to inspire,
copy, edit and publish for immediate

Improve Sales Performance
with Data Driven Insights

Track completion, proficiency and correlate to business impact. See which training program elements are improving ramp time and performance. Use the insights to optimize your onboarding and training programs.

Drive higher win rates with video practice

Make your sales teams better with practice,
role play, gap assessment and active

Increase knowledge retention with science-backed learning

Veelo’s unique brain-science approach transfers
knowledge more effectively for better skill
adoption, retention and application. It’s
working even when they don’t know it.

Improve quota attainment with training in context

Ensure reps are consistent and on-message
with their best selling conversations at each
stage of the sales cycle–prospect, vertical
and opportunity specific.

A Complete
Sales Training

Designed for sales teams –
a learning and coaching
platform that’s faster and
easier for everyone.


Learning Paths

Create and schedule multiple courses in logical groupings to create personalized learning paths.

Authoring Tools

Use content creation tools that support multiple, interactive formats.

Content Management

Add content to complement training such as PPTs, PDFs, video and more.


Assessments & Quizzes

Develop knowledge checks and quizbanks to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts.



Motivate learners to achieve with completion certifications.

coaching icon

Video Coaching

Assign practice, provide coaching feedback and save the best for all to reference.

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Reports & Dashboards

Review performance and gain insight into training impact with reports and dashboards.

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Gamification & Leaderboards

Engage and motivate users with challenges and leaderboards.

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Messages & Notifications

Drive higher course completion rates with real-time notifications.

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Feedback & Ratings

Gather feedback from learners using automatic tracking, ratings and feedback management.

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Learner Dashboards

Empower learners to track their progress and gain insights over time.


Native iOS/Android Apps

Take your learning on the go.

Easy to Get Started

Big or small, we’ve made sales training accessible to all.

  • Veelo Basic: Onboard & Train

  • Onboard, Reinforce and Coach
    Everything you need to ensure Sales Readiness.
    Upskill your team to sell at their best.


    Flat rate up to 25 users

    Billed annually


“Since implementing Veelo’s software we’ve cut the time to onboard a new sales rep by 25% and have them on message and selling value by the 4th week.”

Scott Herber, EVP & GM Via logo

Grow Your Business
Like a Team Twice
Your Size.

Veelo services, templates and tools help
you support your sellers to maximum
effectiveness in less time.

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