Veelo's Guided Selling allow sales managers to track sales training competency and progress.

Better Tracking For Managers Leads to Greater Sales Success

Portland, Ore. – October 28, 2015 – MobilePaks, a sales enablement technology leader, is introducing its latest advancement, featuring the at-a-glance manager coaching report designed to improve visibility on sales teams’ progress,…

MobilePaks Sponsors CEB Sales and Marketing Summit 2015

The MobilePaks team will join over 900 senior sales and marketing executives at the 2015 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, from October 20 through 22. Widely considered one of the most important conferences for B2B sales and marketing…
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Use a Virtual Coach to Onboard New Sales Hires

Learning Solutions Magazine publishes MobilePaks CEO Chanin Ballance's newest article, "Use a Virtual Coach to Onboard New Sales Hires." Traditional onboarding starts with a huge amount of information, which will most likely be forgotten…