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Four Step Process to Measure Sales Content ROI

Most B2B marketers struggle with the measurement of their sales content ROI. Lots of content gets created and tossed into some sort of content repository. Does it get used? According to Sirius Decisions, only 30% of marketing content created…
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Hey Marketers! It's About Revenue

DemandGen Report recently featured a new article by Veelo's VP of Marketing, Brian Fravel titled "It’s About Revenue: Marketers Head Directly Into The Sales Funnel" The trend is clear. The role of marketing is changing and expanding to encompass…
6 tips for more effective sales onboarding

6 Tips for More Effective Sales Onboarding

If you’ve ever hired for a sales position, or even interviewed for one, you know that attracting the right candidates is no easy feat. And once you do find those great sales reps, keeping them happy and getting them to peak performance is…
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Veelo Adds Gmail Integration

Saves sellers time and improves their ability to follow-up on sales opportunities April 13, 2016 – Portland, Ore. - Veelo released the capability to integrate with Gmail to its award-winning sales performance platform.   Aligned with its…
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The Brain Science of Storytelling

Understanding the brain science behind stories offers salespeople a powerful tool to improve their sales conversations.  Research shows the human brain is more open and receptive to hearing what you have to say when told through a well constructed…