Tips for Timing Your Sales Content

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Sales content deliveryThe Salesforce blog featured a new article by Veelo’s VP of Marketing, Brian Fravel, titled, “Timing is Everything: 7 Tips for Well Timed Content Marketing

This time of year, we are drowning in holiday ads that are designed to inspire gift purchases. Clearly, marketers are taking advantage of this seasonal urgency. Stores are vying for consumers’ attention with a compelling message for THEIR product right when purchase decisions are being made.

While B2B sales may not have the same urgency of a holiday season, it is a good reminder that selling principles are basically the same. You want to be the one offering a great solution when the customer is facing a problem and needs help.

After all, discovering the perfect gift for a loved one on December 26th won’t have nearly the same impact.

We’ve often heard that content is king. Instead – consider that TIMING is king. And we aren’t just talking about content used during the B2B marketing phase. Once a lead is passed off to sales, when the content is presented can be a critical part of winning a new customer.

Read the entirety of “Timing is Everything: 7 Tips for Well Timed Content Marketing” on the Salesforce blog.