Why Your B2B Sales Content Isn’t Working

Why Your B2B Sales Content Sucks | Veelo

A Tragedy in Two Acts

Why Your B2B Sales Content Sucks | VeeloSales: I can’t find what I need. Where is that case study? Marketing doesn’t understand what we need. (Or what they say when marketing isn’t around: “This content sucks!”)

Marketing: Sales doesn’t use my content. Why do they keep bugging me? I posted it up on the sales portal! (Or when sales isn’t around: “Our sales reps don’t get it.”)

Sound familiar? Many companies experience this problem in some fashion. In fact, SiriusDecisions estimates 60-70% of B2B content goes unused.

How Not to Fix the B2B Sales Content Problem

Many companies attack this problem through a content lens. They hypothesize that they aren’t producing the right sales enablement content, have too much, etc. Then they embark on a content audit, conduct surveys, and perform countless interviews.

Unfortunately, the result from all of this work is often a short-term band-aid fix that loses sight of the forest by focusing on the trees.

What if content wasn’t actually the real problem at all? The ultimate, end goal is sales. In order to make the sale, sales reps need to sell value. How does your product or service help your client achieve greater revenue or reduce costs?

Most sales organizations have adopted a sales methodology, have sales playbooks and have core messaging decks articulating their value proposition. The hope of every VP of Sales is that their sales force can repeatedly and consistently articulate that value, and use a proven, repeatable sales methodology to close the sale quickly.

Go back to the B2B content problem. Even if you could identify and eliminate the 70% of content that sales doesn’t use, will your sales force be ready to sell value, stay on message and do it quickly and consistently? Probably not. In the best case, you will save them time from looking for content and they will be able to find the right content.

Content doesn’t sell. People do.

The focus of any B2B sales content initiative should be delivering the right content and coaching at the right moment. With content only, there is no guarantee that your sales rep and even your prospect will ever read that piece of content, or if the right message will be delivered.

With coaching, on the other hand, the content becomes an aid. The real value lies in the correct, consistent messaging and value articulation, and that comes from the salesperson.

So before embarking on a large content audit, disrupting your sales force with interviews, and getting excited about how much wasted content you are going to eliminate, ask yourself how your initiative will make your sellers smarter and better sellers.


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