How to Build an Effective Sales Enablement Program

Companies are investing in sales enablement at a growing rate, both in building out teams and by adopting new technology. But to build an effective sales enablement program that delivers results, you need to first understand what it’s designed to do.

Simply put, sales enablement is out to help sales reps perform better. And it works. Research from Aberdeen reveals that sales enablement leads to 62 percent higher team quota attainment.

Unfortunately however, it’s not quite that simple. Identifying and removing roadblocks while also finding ways to streamline processes and improve productivity can be quite challenging, especially in large or high-growth sales organizations.

That’s why sales enablement as a function is becoming more and more prevalent. Organizations are realizing that in order to fully maximize their investment in sales, there needs to be an enablement leader who can see the big picture as well as execute on a tactical level to optimize processes.

In order to build and execute an effective sales enablement program, there are a few key components to focus on. Below is a quick summary, but tune in to our upcoming webinar for a more thorough analysis along with best practices and tips.

4 keys to great sales enablement


Everything starts with a good strategy. Defining a sales enablement strategy means identifying and collaborating with stakeholders in sales and marketing, understanding current benchmarks and baselines to find gaps and opportunities, and putting a plan in place that can deliver immediate and long-term results.


Getting new reps up to speed quickly is a key part of great sales enablement. Not only will your rep earn that first dollar quicker, leading to higher ROI, but as a result, reps will stick around longer. Rep turnover is a huge expense that can usually be mitigated.

Training & Knowledge Reinforcement

One of the most neglected aspects of sales and enablement is ongoing training and knowledge reinforcement. Onboarding and training is often seen as a one-and-done activity, but that’s a huge mistake. Continuous reinforcement and knowledge checks can keep reps fresh and up-to-speed on the latest product releases or service updates, as well as any evolution to strategies and sales practices.

Tools & Technology

Leveraging the latest tools and technology can be incredibly advantageous, but it can also be detrimental if not approached correctly. What you don’t want to happen is to invest in a tool without having a plan in place for how it will be rolled out, used and maintained. But with proper planning and scope, modern technology can streamline processes, save time and deliver incredible results.

Learn more about building a great sales enablement program during our upcoming webinar.

4 keys to great sales enablement