The Best Sales Enablement Strategy Needs Email

Congratulations! Your sales enablement strategy has been approved, and you're ready to roll it out to your team. But before you begin, consider how your reps manage their time. Unless you recognize your team's habits, your new initiatives might…
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Check Out The Best Blogs For B2B SaaS Sales Professionals

Make no mistake: B2B SaaS sales is tough. Whether your focus is Enterprise, SMB, or the Channel, Software-as-a-Service is constantly evolving. Fortunately, SaaS sales leaders can now access a wealth of resources to boost their productivity…
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Want To Boost Sales Quickly? You Need Battlecards.

Sales battlecards offer key data on target customers and product benefits in a modular format. Effective battlecards are incisive, comprehensive, and aligned with the principles of brain science. Sales battlecards distill everything reps need…

How To Get Winning Content For The Bottom Of The Funnel

In Part I, we discussed how to create winning content to promote sales marketing alignment. When you create buyer-centric content for each sales stage, your sales team will win more deals faster. But what does this look like in practice? Emailing…
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How To Keep Your Promises On Sales Marketing Alignment

As a marketer, you care about sales marketing alignment and you want your reps to succeed. Which is why you're certain that this new case study will be the key that helps them unlock new deals. Smiling to yourself, you hit ‘Save’ and then…
Demystifying the Sales Tech Stack | Veelo

Demystifying the Sales Tech Landscape: Part 1

An Introduction to the Sales Tech Landscape The sales tech landscape has become incredibly complex in recent years, and it continues to grow very quickly and become even more confusing. We want to bring some order to the chaos, and clarity…
Content doesn't sell, people do | Veelo

Content Doesn’t Sell, People Do

A Look Into the Bad Old Days A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—OK, fine, what we really mean is about three years ago, right here on Earth, one of the biggest problems in sales enablement was content proliferation and management.…
Top 5 Sales Enablement Mistakes To Avoid
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"Top 5 Sales Enablement Mistakes" Published in Salesforce Blog

The Salesforce Blog recently featured "The Top 5 Sales Enablement Mistakes To Avoid (But You Are Probably Aren’t)," written by Veelo VP of Marketing Brian Fravel. There is no doubt that sales enablement technologies are a huge trend for forward…
Sales Enablement Mistakes You Should Avoid | Veelo

Sales Enablement Mistakes You Should Avoid (But Probably Haven’t)

Ask any group of marketers what sales enablement is, and you’ll get almost as many definitions as there are people—from systems and support, to analytics, to training, to content creation, and more. But most will agree on the goal: to help…
Be Everywhere All the Time: Virtual Sales Coaching for Success
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"Be Everywhere All the Time: Virtual Sales Coaching for Success" Published on ATD Blog

Today's slate of articles on the ATD sales enablement blog include "Be Everywhere All the Time: Virtual Sales Coaching for Success" by Veelo CEO Chanin Ballance....[W]hat if you could predict when the next coaching opportunity was coming so…
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9 Tips for Sales Coaching

As we all know, training and coaching salespeople is crucial in the overall success of a sales team. Even naturally gifted sellers need great resources and management support to rely on to be happy and productive. This is often a management…
Humanizing sales technology

Designing Sales Technology for Humans

I was recently reading a knowledge brief by Aberdeen Group’s Peter Ostrow titled “Building Toward a Sales Enablement Win: Where Should I Start?” The data in the brief paints a very compelling reason for sales enablement investments. The…