The Best Sales Enablement Strategy Needs Email

Congratulations! Your sales enablement strategy has been approved, and you're ready to roll it out to your team. But before you begin, consider how your reps manage their time. Unless you recognize your team's habits, your new initiatives might…
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Check Out The Best Blogs For B2B SaaS Sales Professionals

Make no mistake: B2B SaaS sales is tough. Whether your focus is Enterprise, SMB, or the Channel, Software-as-a-Service is constantly evolving. Fortunately, SaaS sales leaders can now access a wealth of resources to boost their productivity…
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Want To Boost Sales Quickly? You Need Battlecards.

Sales battlecards offer key data on target customers and product benefits in a modular format. Effective battlecards are incisive, comprehensive, and aligned with the principles of brain science. Sales battlecards distill everything reps need…

Behind The Scenes At The Superbowl Of Sales Enablement

Superbowl Sunday is upon us, but that's not the only game in town. Every day your reps face a foe that makes every sales victory feel like the ultimate achievement. But this foe isn't your competition. It's the internal systems that keep your…

How To Make Your Sales Training Program Work For You

Planning a sales training program? The data look grim: companies spend an average of $24K per sales rep to boost productivity, yet 49% of them have no way to measure their return on investment. With odds like that, a sales training program might…

Crowdsource Your Way To The Best Video Sales Playbooks

Crowdsourcing is having an incredible impact on the world around us, and nowhere is the potential greater than with video sales playbooks.  Let's face it: most sales playbooks remain mired in the past. Many are lengthy and dense, artifacts…
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When's The Best Time To Invest In Sales Enablement?

As the end of the month draws near, faster sales growth remains an elusive goal for reps all over the world. New leads from marketing aren't always a good fit, and admin work usually seems to get in the way of cold calling. Some reps even spend…
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How to Improve Sales Readiness in 5 Easy Steps

Can your reps move deals forward every time they speak with a prospect? If not, how can you help them improve? These two questions capture the essence of sales readiness. However, while it’s easy to ask questions, the answers may surprise…
Be Everywhere All the Time: Virtual Sales Coaching for Success

3 Keys To The Best Inside Sales Playbooks

I think back to my onboarding at another company a few years ago. On the first day, they distributed 50-page inside sales playbooks to everyone... in thick 3-ring binders. Every page was dense with product descriptions, and we only spent 5 minutes…

Using Content to Enable Sales: The Challenges & Solutions

According to DemandGen Report, 95% of buyers choose a solution provider that “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.” Even still, 90% of B2B sellers don’t use sales content (Forrester). You’re…
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8 Surprising Sales Enablement Stats You Should Be Thinking About

2017 is proving to be a year where more and more companies are undertaking sales enablement as a significant priority. And for good reason. If you’ve recently started a sales enablement initiative, or you’re thinking about starting one,…
3 Reasons Sales Enablement Roles are on the Rise

3 Reasons Sales Enablement Roles are on the Rise

Many of us now have jobs that probably didn’t exist when we were kids, or at least, the way we work has changed dramatically due to technology and other factors. The booming market for sales enablement professionals is one of those growing…