Convincing Sales to Adopt New Technology

Modern technology offers transformative capabilities that can increase productivity, make teams more effective, boost sales, assist in better decision making and much more. The problem? Getting your team to actually use it.

So how do you get your sales team to adopt new technology?

Start with a plan

Before you even start shopping for new technology, you need to start by defining the business pain or challenge that you’re looking to solve. If you yourself don’t know exactly why you’re purchasing new technology, it’ll be an uphill battle trying to get reps to use it. Make sure that the challenge isn’t process-related because technology will only complicate matters rather than simplify them. If you have your sales processes in place already and need assistance in scaling or improving efficiency, then technology may be worth looking into.

State your case

In order to persuade reps to use new technology, you’ll need to explain what benefits it will provide. If it’s sales enablement technology like Veelo, you might state that “this tool will reduce the amount of time you spend looking for content by centralizing all relevant content in the CRM,” as an example. Time is a salesperson’s most valuable resource, so if you can communicate, in a compelling way, that a new tool will give them back more selling time rather than consume it, you’ll be much more likely to win them over.

Consider a pilot and highlight wins

Depending on the technology (i.e. how robust the implementation is), it may be worth considering rolling it out to a select few in a pilot program. If you have reps that are more open to technology than others, use them as your early adopters to test out the benefits of using a new tool. The key from there is to draw attention to the positive impact it’s having and highlight the quick wins. Saying something like “James used this tool for intelligent content recommendations. It not only saved him 10 hours each week that he was able to spend taking more meetings, but he was able to shorten the sales cycle by 15%, earning him quicker commissions.”

Recruit champions or evangelists

Having a network of product champions or evangelists can play a major role in expediting adoption of a new technology. Your champions can influence other users by communicating the real-world value and provide some training support. If you were able to run a successful pilot program, consider asking those who participated to act as champions to help roll out the technology to the rest of the sales team.

Pick the right technology

Probably the most important thing you can do to maximize adoption is to pick the right technology in the first place. Keep the interests of your sales reps in mind as you pick a new solution and remember that user-friendliness is key to high adoption. You want a system that’s intuitive, approachable and fits within the seller’s existing workflow so that they don’t need to go out of their way to use the new technology.