Ignoring Sales Technology is Dangerous Territory

It is good news when your business is in growth mode. The challenge is to maintain your growth and scaling the organization to handle more opportunities.

While it is intuitive for company executives to automate business functions and processes such as payroll, bookkeeping, and even marketing and lead generation, sales is often left behind. Why is the sales function often the last frontier to benefit from technology? Perhaps because selling is traditionally considered a “people business” (rather than task oriented) so understandably, technology is not the first solution managers consider.

To handle growth in sales, the first tendency is to add sales reps to keep up the momentum. However, this quick-fix creates additional unintended challenges with onboarding, training and coaching tasks for an already stretched manager.

Just like with other business functions, consider increasing the productivity of the team, instead of or at least in addition to hiring more reps. Sales tools and technology can make each rep more efficient without adding greatly to his or her workload.

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