MobilePaks Announces Advanced Reporting for Sales Enablement, Training and Marketing Efforts

Quantifiable Evidence of Sales Enablement, Training Effectiveness and Marketing Contribution now Available within Salesforce

Portland, OR–November 6, 2014 – MobilePaks, an award-winning cloud-based marketing and sales enablement tool, today announced the addition of advanced reporting within Salesforce, giving visibility into marketing asset contributions, sales onboarding success and seller competency.

“We heard from our customers the need to more closely analyze a variety of sales metrics, such as time-to-competency and its correlation to sales pipeline. As a result, that’s exactly what we’ve built in our new reporting capabilities – along with many other elements, such as the ability to more closely monitor marketing asset contributions to sales success,” said Chanin Ballance, CEO MobilePaks.

Salesforce Reports

Advanced reporting allows marketers and sales managers to better understand content ROI and content usage tied to sales performance; the success of sales onboarding activities; and ongoing training efforts. Whereas sales operations would traditionally spend hours with a spreadsheet calculating important aspects of sales efficiency and effectiveness, MobilePaks users can now instantaneously measure, track and analyze:

  • Sales Onboarding – Sales managers can now track and manage seller competency, correlating onboarding and training effectiveness with sales and pipeline performance.
  • Sales Enablement – Tracks which marketing assets sales shares with prospects and which are most used by any given sales rep. Further, MobilePaks now reports asset engagement and use history by rep. While MobilePaks has always provided a mechanism for sellers, teams and groups to provide feedback on individual assets, this feedback can now be analyzed alongside other MobilePaks metrics.
  • Content ROI – Gives visibility to asset usage at each stage of the buying process and asset contribution value to closed business. MobilePaks’ advanced reports within Salesforce can also now report on total closed deals and their associated revenue by asset as well as views and shares by prospects.

All new MobilePaks reports can be viewed directly in Salesforce. MobilePaks also features deep integrations and report availability with Marketing Automation tools like Eloqua and Marketo.