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MobilePaks CEO featured on Salesforce Blog


“Four Ways to Boost Sales Productivity with Guided Selling”, an article written by MobilePaks CEO, Chanin Balance, was recently featured on the Salesforce blog. In it she writes, “Buyers are more sophisticated than ever and sales reps must adapt. With many resources at their fingertips, buyers are no longer reliant on sales to educate them on products. Yet, buyers are more challenged by complex business issues than ever. The solution, as Forrester’s Mark Lindwall clearly articulates is to, ‘revamp your selling system to hire, train, equip, develop, and support salespeople who guide your buyers [to] solve their complex problems.” Guided Selling does just this, helping decrease rep time to productivity while boosting their sales velocity.’”

You can read the full piece here and if you are interested in additional Guided Selling resources, we have several for you here.