Veelo Adds Gmail Integration

Veelo in gmail

Saves sellers time and improves their ability to follow-up on sales opportunities

April 13, 2016 – Portland, Ore. – Veelo released the capability to integrate with Gmail to its award-winning sales performance platform.   Aligned with its mission to improve the performance of salespeople, Veelo added Gmail integration, making it even easier for salespeople to share content and monitor prospect engagement with the content.

“Some of the most valuable things you can do for a salesperson is to give them more time back to sell and more visibility into their prospects’ activities,” says Veelo CEO, Chanin Ballance.  “This new Gmail integration saves reps time because they can share content from Veelo directly within Gmail, where they already spend hours per day.  In addition, Veelo provides instant alerts when prospects interact with content, so reps can follow-up immediately.  Industry statistics show immediate follow-up improves a seller’s ability to move a sale forward.”Veelo Gmail integration

The new Gmail integration further enhances Veelo’s sales performance platform that makes a sales person’s job easier, more effective and more productive.  Some highlights of the new integration include:

  • Share content from Veelo directly within Gmail – Sales reps can find and share the perfect piece of content with prospects without ever leaving their daily workflow in Gmail.
  • Instantaneous alerts – When a seller shares content from Gmail, they are immediately notified when the prospect interacts with the content. Sellers can be notified directly in their company’s CRM or via email.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with Salesforce CRM – SSO makes getting to the tools and content sales rep need easy and instantaneous. With a single login with one userid and password, sales reps have access to the CRM data and Veelo content.
  • View of just the content they need – Within Gmail, a sales person’s view isn’t cluttered with content that is not permissioned to share, making it easier and faster to find what they need.
  • Content synch available with Google Drive, in addition to many other content repositories, making the implementation of Veelo fast and easy.
  • Interaction history – Sellers have a running history of prospect engagement with content, so they can formulate the perfect follow-up strategy.