Veelo Improves Seller Productivity and Marketing ROI

Content engagement dashboard

Instantaneous seller alerts and content insights improve leading sales enablement platform

Dec 28, 2016 – Portland, Ore. – Veelo announced new improvements to its award-winning sales performance platform.  Aligned with its mission to improve the performance of salespeople, Veelo added new features that help salespeople follow-up with prospects and helps marketers optimize the ROI of sales content they create.

“Industry statistics show that you are far more likely to move a deal forward if you can follow-up with a prospect immediately.  Our instantaneous notifications tell salespeople the moment a prospect interacts with shared content so they can follow-up immediately,” says Veelo CEO, Chanin Ballance. “In addition, we’ve added new reports to give marketers insights into the detailed usage and ROI of their sales content.  The two new features combined, greatly enhance an organization’s ability to focus on real sales opportunities and close more deals.”Veelo notifications in CRM

These new enhancements build upon the last few months of improvements to the Veelo platform to make the sales person’s job easier, faster and more productive.  Some of the new enhancements include:

  • Instantaneous alerts with interaction history – When a seller shares content with a prospect, they are immediately notified when by email.  Now sellers see alerts inside the CRM and a running history of prospect engagement with content, so they can formulate the perfect follow-up strategy.
  • New content and user engagement reports – Improved detail of content use by seller and prospect/customer including views, opens, downloads, favorites, forwards, rating, feedback, downloads and more,  Marketers can also see which pieces of content were used by sales stage: opportunity, won deals and more.  This give marketers crystal clear visibility into what content is being used, how it’s being used and what aids in new customer acquisition.   The visibility allows them to eliminate ineffective content and double down on what works.

Content engagement dashboard