Location: Portland, Oregon


We seek a collaborative, highly experienced web software engineer to lead a team in delivering iterative improvements and new projects for the main end users of our sales enablement and training product. We want our software to help people do their best job and be better able to competently answer the questions posed to them by their customers and prospects, and we want you to be someone who thinks that sounds worth doing. We try to strike the right balance between moving fast and gardening our code. We have a web application written in Django and Angular, a React Native phone application. Here’s a bit about us. We’d like you to value the same:

  • We work wherever and however is most effective, including pairing and mobbing regularly.
  • We retrospect weekly, and take action to improve things that are problems.
  • We write tests. We run them in a CI environment. We investigate failing tests.
  • We all contribute to our failures and our successes, and we don’t value blame.
  • We love those who do QA, support, product, and everybody who helps us better understand how to do a great job for our customers.



Our ideal candidate is someone who wants to both write software, and be a leader for process and technical excellence. We want to hire someone who wants to develop new features while considering the growth and change of the codebase, and who is capable of leading discussions and solutions of architecture, performance, and weird bugs. If you can discuss intelligently the tradeoffs of caching, ORMs, and background processing; if you seek to understand the user’s perspective so that you can build better software for them; if you can look at an error that originates in a library and go figure it out; if you’re someone who pushes for better testing, easier to understand code, better names: you’re someone we really want to talk to.



The most useful info we’d like to see is some sense of a project or technical challenge you’ve worked on recently, its ups, downs, challenges and successes.   Send us a paragraph with whatever artifacts of the job search you prefer (resume, cover letter, CV, linkedin page, website/portfolio – however you best like to tell the story of your skills).


  • Flexible work from office/remote schedule.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits and 401K.
  • Stock options.
  • Flexible vacation schedules.
  • Great location in the heart of Downtown Portland.