• Dedicated to Your Success

    Our philosophy is that our customers are our greatest inspiration and that together we can dramatically improve sales effectiveness to make a real business impact.

In Your Corner Each Step of the Way

Customers success starts before contracts are signed. We collaboratively work with you to define a solution that benefits you for years to come.

When you become a customer, your customer success manager will guide you through onboarding and launch – helping you go live as fast as possible while meeting or exceeding your goals. You will have access to live training and our self service training site with videos, samples and templates. Best of all, support doesn’t stop after implementation. We have a responsive team ready to help when you need it.

Demonstrating Quantifiable Value

Within 90 days you’ll see results – from high adoption and usage to quantifiable improvements in productivity, content use, and prospect engagement.

Your Veelo team will work with you to identify key performance metrics and configure dashboards to help you correlate program efforts with the revenue metrics that matter to your organization. Regular business and solution reviews surface insights and help you find new ways to optimize business impact going forward.  We’ll continually work with you to evolve your training and enablement programs as your business changes – delivering value each step of the way.

What Our Users Are Saying

“Veelo saves me a lot of time and helps me stay focused on selling. Within a minute or two, I can just reach in, get the content I need, and send it over, then move on to the next call.”  – Account Executive

“Veelo makes sales training easy. We were able to create a training Pak in less than an hour and within two weeks, we had the entire sales force fully trained on a new product, which resulted in a record-setting deal.”  – Product Marketing Director

“Veelo simplified our sales reps’ job significantly and improved their performance. Veelo delivers them targeted content without searching or asking marketing. Reps love the simple share feature and the alerts when shared content is opened by a prospect.”  – Vice President of Sales

“Veelo’s team is dedicated to my organization’s success.  They showed me how to use the tool to understand how onboarding impacted new hire pipeline growth.  It helped re-shape our whole program.”  – Sales Enablement & Training Director

“Learning the tool took less than an hour.  Now, Veelo saves our marketing team hours each week not having to go back and forth via email to answer sales rep questions and find content. Sales reps are more empowered and everyone is more productive as a result.”  – Marketing Director

“In my years in sales, I have never had such an intuitive system at my disposal. Veelo keeps my external and internal content in a single place that’s easy to search and find content quickly.  Plus, the Salesforce integration actually works! I love that the training tools are integrated to I get a central place for content and training.”  – Strategic Account Manager

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