Case Study: Gazelles International

Accelerating Onboarding and Ramp Time


  • Reduced onboarding program management expense by 25%.
  • Improved time-to-competency for coaches by 20%.
  • Provided insights into leading indicators of coaching success.

“Putting all of the information into Veelo and distributing it prior to live training allowed us to up-level our live session and maximize our master trainers’ time, skills and knowledge sharing. Not only can our master trainers cover more content, they can delve deeper. We reduced onboarding overhead and expense by 25%.”

Cindy Kraft
Operations Director
Gazelles International

The Challenge

When your organization is world renowned as the premiere coaching association for executive business coaches, onboarding new coaches is serious business. Prior to Veelo, the process to onboard coaches was largely manual and inefficient, and Gazelles had little ability to monitor training or measure coach competency.

Gazelles shared content by sending links to articles or videos over oftentimes lengthy emails. All training was provided in-classroom over a two day period by an instructor, with the first day consisting mostly of the basics and a review of materials sent.

The Results

Gazelles wanted to improve its on-boarding, and ramp-up time for new coaches. They used the KnowledgeBoost™ platform to modularize short bursts of training for pre-, during and post- training support. Coaches could access the support on-demand, from any device, greatly improving engagement and use.

Thanks to the pre-training, the master trainer (facilitator) was able to transform training sessions with the flipped classroom model, using live classroom time to focus on practice scenarios and more complex topics. Coaches achieved competency faster, and program administrators were able to cut costs by 25%. Usage tracking allowed Gazelles to see what content trainees consumed, while knowledge checks and quizzes gauged competency and knowledge gaps.

Gazelles plans to continue using Veelo to further improve its program. “We are sold on the Veelo value,” said Ms. Kraft. “So much so that we will expand its use, allowing our coaches to stay up-to-date on key concepts that support our recertification process.”

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