Case Study: KIC

Building a True Partnership with Resellers and Dealers


  • 80% improvement in product knowledge and sales competency.
  • More than 55% improvement in reseller awareness.
  • Achieved a record sales year.

“By introducing Veelo to our resellers, we established KIC as an innovative supplier and a partner in their success. We’ve reached record sales this year faster than expected, and we’re raising the bar.”

Neil McIrvin
Vice President

The Challenge

KIC’s greatest challenge: educating and establishing a top of mind position within their network of resellers, who often sell hundreds of other products from multiple companies.

In the past, KIC provided expensive in-person training and conference events that proved ineffective in producing sales results. Attendees soon forgot the information. KIC needed a solution to spark interest in their resellers and increase sales across additional product lines.

The Results

KIC’s new ability to deliver real-time information and push out product updates on the fly increased product knowledge and sales competency among dealers by 80%. Reseller awareness increased more than 55%, leading to more effective differentiation.

“Our products can have several iterations, which means it’s imperative we deliver just-in-time product updates to our dealers so they know exactly what they’re selling. The knowledge, confidence in, and consistent messaging of KIC products have improved dramatically, and Veelo has been instrumental—we can already see the ROI and so can our partners,” said Neil McIrvin, Vice President of KIC.

By raising the bar for their salespeople and arming them with specific product knowledge and sales skills, KIC gained a reputation as an innovative supplier who put the success of their dealers and resellers first. The result: increased loyalty and more sales success for their partners—and ultimately, for KIC.

KIC enables partners and increases sales effectiveness with Veelo.