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Sales 3.0 Conference

Sales enablement is changing rapidly, and if you want to keep pace you need the latest insights from industry experts.

Now you can meet with Veelo CEO Chanin Ballance at Sales 3.0 Conference, taking place March 12th and 13th in San Francisco. Learn how to achieve sales marketing alignment and accelerate sales growth.

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future of sales enablement webinar

The Future of Sales Enablement

Join Veelo, Octiv and the Alexander Group for an engaging discussion about the future of sales enablement. Gain actionable insights from sales and marketing executives on the changes companies can expect to see in 2018 and beyond.

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getting most out of sdr

How to Get the Most Out of Your Growing SDR Team

A 60 minute panel with industry thoughts leaders from MarketStar, ReturnPath, Outreach.io and Veelo.  Learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid when ramping your SDR team.

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how to build the optimal sales technology stack

How to Build the Optimal Sales Technology Stack

Over the last few years, sales technology has seen explosive growth. This webinar will shed light on the various types of sales technologies and empower you with the knowledge you need to build the ultimate sales stack for peak performance.

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sales content webinar hero

Sales Content: Get Sales to Use it and Demonstrate ROI

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we’ll share perspectives on how organizations can successfully deploy content through sales enablement technology.

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6 Keys for Developing Effective Onboarding Programs

6 Keys for Developing Effective Sales Onboarding Programs that Stick

According to CSO Insights, sales onboarding is the top priority for B2B sales enablement, and for good reason. It takes many companies anywhere from seven to 12 months to ramp up new sales reps. Join us for a live webinar where we’ll talk about how to design effective onboarding programs that stick.

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Sales Enablement Mistakes You Should Avoid (But Probably Haven’t)

You’ve embraced sales enablement and have people, processes and even technology in place. But are you sure it’s working, and are you doing it right? During this webinar, we’ll show you how to avoid common sales enablement mistakes and ways to get the most out of your sales enablement program.

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How to Achieve How Growth Sales with Sales Enablement

How to Achieve High Growth Sales with Sales Enablement

Join us for a special session hosted by Sales Hacker, with special guests, Sharon Little, Head of Global Sales Enablement at Rubrik, and Tom Cameron, CRO at Lifesize. During this webinar, our panel of experts will share how they used sales enablement as a strategic asset to fuel their company’s growth.

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How to Build, Manage & Grow Your Sales Enablement Programs

Join us for this session on maximizing sales enablement effectiveness. You’ll learn how best-in-class companies are supporting their sellers, the must-haves of a good sales enablement program, and more.

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improving sales with science

Improving Sales with Science: Research Backed Techniques to Sell More

Chanin Ballance, CEO & President at Veelo, and guest speaker Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, reveal the science and research backed principles you can use to improve your messaging and coaching.

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4 Keys to Great Sales Enablement

4 Keys to Great Sales Enablement

This webinar will dive into what each of these 4 focus areas are, and include tips & best practices for excelling at each one, ensuring you’re getting the most from your sales team.

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Optimizing Your Sales Tech Stack for High Performance

Technology is changing the way B2B organizations sell and those companies that embrace technology are likely to come out ahead of the competition. In this webinar, we help form a basic architecture for your sales tech stack. We’ll talk about the various tools and which business problems they can solve. This webinar will provide you with a basic blueprint that you can use to start architecting your own sales technology stack.

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sales enablement for resource-strapped

Sales Enablement for the Resource Strapped

Get tips on how to prioritize the most impactful sales enablement tasks, develop short cuts to save yourself time and use technology to automate your processes.

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Science of Sales Enablement

The Science of Sales Enablement

The way the human brain stores, retrieves and learns information can be a sales enablement practitioner’s best friend … if you know how to take advantage of it. In this 30min webinar, we will combine what science has learned about the brain with specific implications and recommendations for sales enablement programs.

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Transform Your Sales Playbooks with Brain Science

Transform Your Sales Playbooks with Brain Science

Learn how enablement technology and a sprinkle of brain science can help transform sales playbooks into dynamic sources of information to help your sales team stay on message and better position, qualify and sell.

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Optimizing Sales Enablement for Salespeople | Veelo

Optimizing Sales Enablement for Salespeople

Sales enablement technology is sometimes so focused on solving problems for the content creators and managers that it loses sight of its goal: improving sales performance. Find out what good enablement looks like from the sellers’ point of view, and what it’s like on the receiving end of sales enablement programs. Learn what it takes to ensure your sales enablement actually helps your salespeople close more instead of falling flat.

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Content Doesn't Sell, People Do | Veelo

Content Doesn’t Sell. People Do.

In their preoccupation with content, sales enablement and marketing teams sometimes lose sight of the person who’s actually doing the selling. Understanding how the human brain works and retains information can help sales enablement professionals deliver content, knowledge and coaching that deliver real sales performance results. This webinar will look at some of the brain’s unique aspects, and offer sales enablement program ideas to  increase their effectiveness.

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Demystifying the Sales Tech Stack | Veelo

Demystifying the Sales Tech Stack

The sales tech landscape has become massively more complex in the past five years. Quote-to-cash tools, RFP management, video coaching apps, and a giant, nebulous swarm of platforms labeled “sales enablement” or “sales acceleration”…. What are all these tools? How do they play with each other, if they play with each other at all? And what do all these different sales enablement solutions actually offer? This 30-minute webinar clarifies, demystifies, and untangles the landscape for you.

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Sales Enablement Must-Do’s

Sales enablement is essential if you’re serious about taking your team’s sales performance to the next level, but it can also get complicated and messy. This webinar will show you which traps to dodge (no matter how tempting they look!), process and structure basics, and what good enablement looks like. Find out what a world class sales enablement program takes.

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