6 Keys for Developing Effective Sales Onboarding Programs that Stick

According to CSO Insights, sales onboarding is the top priority for B2B sales enablement, and for good reason. It takes many companies anywhere from seven to 12 months to ramp up new sales reps. That’s a long time to get a new hire fully productive, and a lot of money the organizations must fork over before seeing a return. Even more concerning is that we’re seeing the trend line move in wrong direction – ramp times are increasing rather than decreasing.

Join us for a live webinar where we’ll talk about how to design effective onboarding programs that stick. After all, great onboarding is likely to lead to greater rep retention and higher revenues.

We’ll discuss the following and much more:

  • Examples of how onboarding affects your bottom-line numbers
  • How technology complements onboarding programs
  • Things to consider when developing an onboarding plan
  • How to measure success

6 Keys for Developing Effective Onboarding Programs