A Complete Sales Enablement Platform
Improve sales productivity and effectiveness with a scalable platform that helps grow your business.

Guide Sellers with
Predictive Content and

Content recommendations, powered by
machine learning, put opportunity and
sales stage specific content and coaching
in front of reps when they need it.

Veelo in Dynamics with Pak
content usage increase with Veelo

Personalize Prospect
Engagement for Better Conversion

Personalize emails with content using
Veelo’s Gmail or Outlook plugin for better
prospect engagement. Track who is
viewing and forwarding in real-time to
better plan next steps and follow-up.

Sales technology reps
actually LOVE

Empower reps with knowledge, know-how
and productivity enhancements that
support their success.

Drive higher productivity with a
single source of truth

Intelligent search lets reps find content
quickly, no matter where it’s located.
Connect all sales content repositories to
Veelo for a single point of access.

Amplify best practices with
virtual coaching

Coach sellers to better performance and
amplify winning behavior with Veelo’s suite
of brain-science back tools and techniques
including video coaching, micro-training
and the Veelo Vault®

Increase marketing ROI

Uncover insights for specific pieces of content by
seller and prospect, and see which content
is used to win deals.

Improve business impact with
data driven insights

Optimize your sales cycle with analytics for
onboarding, seller proficiency, content
usage and prospect engagement. A single
platform to correlate usage to revenue for
real impact.

Sales Enablement That Helps You Do Your Job
Designed to help scale sales enablement, sales operations and marketing teams.
For the Seller

Easy to use and integrated into
existing tools for greater sales


Intelligent Search

Find content in seconds with powerful contextual search.

Content Recommendation

Intelligent content recommendations powered by machine learning put the perfect content in front of reps.

coaching icon

Coaching in Context

Deliver short bites of coaching along side content so reps have the perfect talking points.


Personalized Engagement

Track prospect engagement with real-time notifications when prospects open or forward shared content.

mail icon

Email Pitch

Eliminate time-consuming barriers by enabling reps to share content directly from their email client.

checklist icon

Feedback & Ratings

Provide content creators feedback through star ratings and free form text.

dashboard icon

Seller Dashboard

Simple, at-a-glance view of recent prospect engagement, announcements and training requirements.


Anytime, Anywhere

Available on any device, online or offline.

For the Enablement

Easy to use and maintain, requiring
just a fraction of a head.


Permission Management

Control content viewing and sharing permissions both internally and externally. Create groups with different sets of permissions.

Content Management

Keep content up to date and make sure the latest branding, messaging and content are at the fingertips of your sales team.


Content Integrations

Easy integration with your existing repositories. Leave your content in existing repositories or load it into Veelo.


CRM Integrations

Deliver Veelo content directly into your CRM so sellers don’t have to search for content in a separate portal or system.


Veelo Vault

Ready to go and customizable templates for sales skills reinforcement, coaching playbooks and more.



Measure content ROI, track onboarding and training progression and correlate to business impact.

Easy to Get Started

Big or small, we’ve made sales training accessible to all.

  • Veelo Premium: Fully Enable

  • Everything you need to ensure sales productivity & effectivenes
    Basic plan + sales content management, prospect engagement and
    advanced analytics.

    Increase sales effectiveness, conversion & productivity.


    Flat rate up to 25

    Billed annually


“Since implementing Veelo’s software we’ve increased sales productivity by 20%.”

Rebecca Sprynczynatyk, Dir. of Product Marketing | Zapproved logo

Grow Your Business
Like a Team Twice
Your Size.

Veelo services, templates and tools help
you support your seller’s to maximum
effectiveness in less time.

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