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    A scalable platform that supports sales reps from onboarding to ongoing peak performance.

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Sales Onboarding & Training Reinforcement

Shorten Ramp Time

Get new hires up to speed faster with automated learning paths that progressively build knowledge in skills, product, and process, before during and after new hire boot camp. 

Learn by Doing

Ensure messaging for new products, sales skills and methodologies are adopted. Reinforce with brain science-rooted techniques that mimic real-world application.

Maximize Sales Readiness

Practice and coach before the meeting. Make sure the entire sales team is up to speed and communicating consistently – messaging, demos and value selling.

Simplify & Scale Program Delivery

Easy-to-use tools that make creating, administering and measuring programs a cinch. Add or sync existing content, use templates and built in dashboards to create programs in minutes.

Sales Content Management

Veelo Best Bets

A Single Source of Truth for Sales Content

Connect all content repositories to Veelo for a single point of access to all sales content. Access content from any device, any time. 

Create More Time to Sell

Intelligent search lets reps quickly find content, no matter where it’s located. Browse and filter content to narrow down selections to only the most relevant.

Deliver the Perfect Content for Every Conversation

Keep sellers on message. Intelligent content recommendations powered by machine learning put the perfect content in front of reps right when they need it.

Prioritize Content Strategies & Increase ROI

Understand which content is being used and how.  Quantify ROI with powerful reports correlating content usage to pipeline growth and won deals.

Personalized Prospect Engagement

Enhance Email to Make Sellers More Effective

Veelo works in the background of the email client you already use, so your team can get started quickly and stay focused on selling — not learning new software.

Personalize Touches Quickly and Effectively

Personalize prospect emails with content specific to their need and stage.  No time wasted searching for the perfect piece of content.  

Know What Happens After It’s Sent

Track who is viewing content links in real time so you can plan your next steps for better follow up and pipeline management.

Trust Your CRM Data

Data on every piece of content sent, opened and forwarded is logged automatically in the Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, all in real-time.

Sales Enablement Analytics

Amplify Best Practices

Optimize your sales cycle with analytics on onboarding ramp, seller proficiency, content usage and prospect engagement.  View data by rep, sales stage, won deals and more to see what your top sellers are doing to amplify best practices.

Increase Marketing Efficiency

Drill down to understand engagement for a specific piece of content or summarize to understand the big picture.  Identify which content is used and what is needed to stretch your sales content budget by 300%.

Improve Business Impact

Track every aspect of the sales life cycle from onboarding, seller proficiency, content use, email activity and more.  A single platform to correlate usage to real business impact.

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