• Reinforce Knowledge and Sales Readiness

    Ensure sales readiness with quick updates, training reinforcement and the on-the-go coaching they need to achieve peak performance.

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Coaching In Context

Veelo intelligently recommends micro training and on-the-go coaching relevant to the the prospect and sales situation (e.g., prospect type, industry, sales stage and more).  

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Quick References and Messaging

Intelligent search gives sales reps what they need instantly – from positioning your product, to giving a quick customer proofpoint to differentiating from the competition. 

Rooted in Brain Science

Veelo templates, tools and systems naturally guide you to assemble training, on-the-go coaching and sales playbooks in ways that reps easily digest, retain and apply.  

Practical Practice

Uplevel sales skills and rep confidence with concept reinforcement, action reminders and practice scenarios to help influence desired selling behavior.

In Their Workflow

Veelo fits seamlessly within the rep’s workflow, ensuring access when they need it most: email, CRM, web, mobile, channel portals and more.  

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