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Put Your Sales Content to Better Use

According to SiriusDecisions, the opportunity cost of unused or underused marketing content is roughly $2.3 million for enterprise organizations.  To avoid wasting money and ensure reps have the most up-to-date content, B2B organizations need sales content management processes and tools.

Veelo’s sales content management software enables content creators to easily control the messaging and branding used in sales content. Veelo integrates seamlessly with all major content management systems.


A Single Source of Truth for Sales Content

Connect all content repositories to Veelo for a single point of access to all sales content. Access content from any device, any time.

Veelo Content Management Integrations

Quick Content Access

Simple, one-click management for sellers to save and organize their “go-to” content for immediate access.


Control Content Permissions

Control content viewing and sharing permissions both internally and externally. Create multiple groups with different sets of permissions.


Keep Content Up to Date

Make sure the latest branding, messaging and content are at the fingertips of your sales team.


Intelligent Content Recommendations

Content recommendations powered by a machine learning algorithm deliver sales reps the perfect content based on sales stage, vertical, title, competition and more. Reps can sell rather than search.


Easy Integration with Your Existing Repositories

Integrate with all of the major content repositories making it easy to get up and running quickly. Leave your content in existing repositories or load it into Veelo.


Filter and Search

Create customized filters to make content easy to find or use Veelo’s intelligent search capability which can search not only titles but within the documents themselves.

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