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Actionable Insight to Maximize Sales Performance

According to CEB, sales reps only have 12% of the prospects total mindshare across the buying process. That means when you get mindshare, your sales reps need to be prepared and ready. Veelo delivers actionable data on your sales force readiness and content analytics so you can maximize performance.

Veelo’s out-of-the-box sales enablement analytics help sales leaders identify proficiency gaps, correlate content usage to revenue, and track onboarding progression so that you can maximize sales performance at every stage of the rep’s lifecycle.


Measure Content Engagement

Out-of-the-box dashboards provide valuable insight into how reps and prospects are engaging with sales content. Marketers to use this information to further optimize content creation.

Veelo Content Engagement Dashboard

Measure Content ROI

Identify trends and correlations between content usage and revenue. Use data to inform reps of which content is most likely to help progress a deal forward.


Track Onboarding Progression

Identify leading indicators of success and competency gaps. Insight into which program elements are most impactful help managers accelerate ramp time and maximize performance.


Measure Training Impact

In-depth training impact reports show how each rep is progressing through training and the impact training has on performance and revenue.

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