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Enable Your Reps to Have Better Selling Conversations

Research shows that if you follow-up with a prospect within 5 minutes you are 9x more likely to convert them. Having the tools to alert sellers and the content at their fingertips will dramatically help a sales rep improve their performance.

Veelo’s sales engagement software enables reps to have better selling conversations by putting the right content, coaching, and tools front and center for reps to use.


Share Content with Ease

Veelo eliminates time-consuming barriers by enabling reps to share content directly from Veelo, the CRM, channel portal, and email client.

Veelo Outlook Integration

Track Prospect Engagement

Once content has been shared, reps can track prospect engagement – when they opened it and who they forwarded it to.


Works With the Tools You Already Use

Veelo integrates directly into the tools your team is already using. Reps never need to leave Gmail, Outlook or the CRM to get Veelo’s productivity benefits.


Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Automatically log activity data on every sales email sent, opened, downloaded and forwarded to the correct record in real-time.


Deliver the Perfect Content for Every Conversation

Intelligent content recommendations powered by machine learning put the perfect content in front of reps right when they need it.

Veelo Best Bets Content Recommendations

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