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Onboard Smarter, Not Harder

Poor onboarding leads to long ramp times and high turnover which results in greater sales overhead costs and sub-optimal return on new hires. On the flip side, proper onboarding can improve win rates by 15% (CSO Insights).  

Veelo’s sales onboarding software helps sales organizations create structured onboarding and training reinforcement programs that are rooted in brain science principles and designed to accelerate sales performance.


Organize and Structure

Create structured, personalized learning paths. Automate the creation, assignment, reminder and delivery so you can focus more on improving learning outcomes.


Reinforce Training in Context

Ensure reps are consistently prepared with follow-on refreshers, just-in-time training, and predictive recommendations by prospect type, product, sales stage and more.

Veelo works across all devices.

Ready-to-Go Tools & Templates

Use embedded content creation tools to create micro-training modules or select from Veelo’s growing library of templates — coaching, training, playbooks and more.


Practice & Reinforce

Prove reps are sales ready and build confidence around real selling scenarios. Managers can observe and critique performance and incorporate team best practices.


Benchmark & Reinforce

Create and deliver multiple choice, true/false, matching and open text to certify key concepts and/or sprinkle into micro-training modules for memory reinforcement.


Drive Engagement

Enhance learning with friendly competition and recognition. Simple tools to add challenge exercises and leaderboards. Send certifications when requirements are met.


Receive Feedback

Continuously improve programs with real-time ratings from learners, open text feedback, and out-of-the-box reports.


Correlate Training to Business Impact

Track completion, proficiency, and capture real-time insights. Automatically email reports to front-line managers for better alignment. Correlate to leading indicators of success such as pipeline build, opportunity conversion, and new customers.

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Onboard Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t waste your investment in top sales talent with one-and-done onboarding programs. This 15-page guide delivers high-octane onboarding best practices to maximize sales rep performance.

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Onboard, Develop & Coach

With Veelo, organizations of any size will benefit from progressive training–from onboarding, upskill and reinforcement, to contextual coaching at each stage of the sales cycle. Prepare your reps with the content & coaching they need to win more.

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