• Benefits for the entire team

    Using brain science and machine learning, Veelo improves sales rep performance, both new and seasoned, and increases content ROI with instant feedback and content analytics.

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Real-time coaching for inside and field sales with Veelo.

Inside and Field Sales

Make every interaction count. Veelo transforms the way sales organizations reinforce skill adoption as well as how they find, present and share content.

  • Centralize and facilitate quick access to content with intelligent search and Guided Selling® recommendations.
  • Enable sellers to organize, favorite and share content on any device—online or offline.
  • Provide in-context coaching plays to sellers when they need it using brain science.
  • Share content and get real-time alerts when prospects open content.
  • Gain insight into content the sales team is presenting or sharing


Influence content use during the sales process—making sure sellers have the latest version. Gain insight into content utilization and its impact on revenue.

  • Improve how sales teams engage customers with content to drive more revenue.
  • Influence content use during the sales process with suggestions by persona, vertical, sales stage, competitor, and more.
  • Ensure sales teams always have the latest and greatest with automatic updates.
  • Content creators get content feedback and collaborate directly with the sales team.
  • Gain insight into content the sales team is presenting or sharing with customers—by asset, usage, customer views, and more.
  • Measure the impact marketing content has on the sales pipeline and revenue.
Veelo for Onboarding

Onboarding and Training

Scale and accelerate rep onboarding, ramping new hires and cut the time to close their first deal. Veelo provides insights into completion, competency and impact on revenue.

  • Organize pre-work, boot camp, post-reinforcement and event training in one environment that is easy to access—anywhere, any device.
  • Content authoring tools allow you to quickly create short, interactive micro-modules.
  • Using our proprietary MemoryBoost™ technology, schedule and sequence reinforcement to ensure reps retain and master the concepts of highest priority
  • Ensure mandatory training is always completed.  Test and certify your team with automated knowledge checks, quiz banks, exams and certification.
  • Identify which reps have mastered their training or who needs support to close gaps.
  • Measure the impact onboarding and training content has on the pipeline and revenue.

Channel Sales

Educate and engage partner sellers with the content, coaching and training they need to be successful. Get valuable insights on content use and its impact on sales revenue.

  • Embed Veelo in your existing partner portal, or deploy as a stand-alone micro-site.
  • Centralize and facilitate quick access to content with Guided Selling® recommendations and intelligent search.
  • Partner sellers get real-time alerts when prospects open content, so they can prioritize follow-up for maximum impact.
  • Provide in-context coaching plays when sellers need it.
  • Ensure competency and access to marketing development funds with Veelo’s quiz bank and certification features.
  • Measure the the usage and impact of marketing content and coaching on revenue.
Empower your channel partners with real-time knowledge and coaching through Veelo.